Responsible Pharmacist - Warehouse

Key Performance Areas (Core responsibilities & outputs of the position)

1.  General

·       To ensure that ESD complies with the legal requirements of a pharmaceutical organization as required by relevant regulatory authority.

·       Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations values and specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning.

·       Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of ESD through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between the various support functions.

·       Prepare reports and attend Monthly Management Meetings where business critical and related topics are discussed.

·       Managing all day to day activities and processes as required by the organization or as required from time to time.

·       To ensure good documentation control and archiving.

·       Comply with all reasonable and/or legitimate instructions given by Managing Director or by any person duly authorized by the board.

2.  Legal

·       To ensure registration of RP and licensing of the company with Authorities.

·       To ensure name of RP is prominently displayed over entrance.

·       To ensure that the pharmaceutical facility is conducted under the continuous supervision of a pharmacist (legal requirement).

·       To ensure that directors (when applicable) are au fait with the latest ethical rules of SAPC, the SA Guide to GMP and sign agreements to abide thereby.

·       Manage and ensure compliance with inspections (SAPC, SAHPRA or related authority).

·       To ensure that CAPA’s are raised and actions are performed.

·       To ensure all relevant staff are adequately trained with regards to GWP/GMP.

3.  Returned/ Rejected Goods

·       To ensure that goods returned to the HCR by the distributor on behalf of the HCR are handled in a procedurally correct manner, reason for returns determined and any further actions followed through and recorded.

·       To ensure that goods due to be rejected are handled in a procedurally correct manner.

4.  Organisational Effectiveness

·       Recruitment, management and training of all staff in warehouse.

·       Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of ESD Support Services through improvements to relevant function and ensuring coordination and communication between functions.

·       Maintaining discipline within warehouse to ensure that productivity standards are met and staff morale is kept high.

·       Implementing disciplinary or counselling procedures in conjunction with the Warehouse Manager.

·       Monitor performance and ensuring all staff understand their functions, responsibilities and their interrelation within the company.

5.  Stakeholders

·       Ensure that SLA (Service Level Agreements) are in place and up to date.

·       To ensure adequate and timeously response to requests from authorities and communicated to relevant staff within the organization.

6.  Team Management

·       To ensure that staff performance is measured and managed and labour related issues are addressed.

7.  Operations

·       To ensure that all cold chain shipments are handled correctly, GRN'ed timeously and logger data provided.

·       To ensure that all deliveries are offloaded timeously to avoid penalties.

·       To ensure all bin cards are stored and easily retrievable when needed and filled in correctly.

·       To ensure that all log sheets are completed daily.

·       To ensure services of all the equipment in the warehouse and facilities as per maintenance SOP and SLA's.

8.  Equipment

·       To ensure that the cold rooms are functionally at all times and to keep emergency contacts.

·       To ensure that the electronic temperature recording system (Beyond Wireless) are functionally at all times.

·       To ensure the necessary checks on the backup power generator are performed weekly, to ensure that sufficient diesel is available and to keep emergency contact details on file in case of emergency break down.

·       To arrange for annual service and the cold rooms and the backup generator.

9.  Premises

·       To ensure that the temperature in the warehouse is regulated sufficiently by means of the air-coolers and does not exceed 25 ° C.

·       To ensure that the temperature in the cold rooms are regulated sufficiently by means of the air-conditioning and does not exceed 8 ° C.

·       To ensure that only authorised persons gain access to the medicines.

Above is a breakdown and not exhaustive job description

Minimum Requirements

·       B.Pharm Degree


·       +5 years Warehouse Management and QA experience in generic pharmaceutical or similar environment

·       GMP Compliance

·       GWP Compliance

·       SAPC Compliance

·       Quality Assurance throughout processes


·       Sound financial understanding

·       Sound knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook)


·       Team management experience

·       Current registration with SAPC.

·       Strong Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems experience

·       Team player with strong interpersonal communications skills.

·       Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word, outlook, and access

·       Excellent communication skills both verbal and written

·       Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives.

·       Budget development and oversight experience/understanding

·       Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organisation.

·       Ability to look at situations from several points of view

·       Delegate responsibilities effectively.

General working conditions
·       Valid driver’s license

·       Must be able to work outside office hours when required or requested to do so


If this role is of interest to you please email your CV to

Closing date for applications will be 16th of April 2021.