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At Clinigen SA we focus on specialist pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Our pharmaceutical range consists of both proprietary and in-licensed products. While seeking the development and acquisition of our own products, we are also committed to build lasting ongoing relationships with partner companies around the world.

Our substantial infrastructure and breadth of experience means that partner products become firmly embedded within our existing range as well as in the markets in which we operate.

Our partners are a wide variety of pharmaceutical businesses which are interested in streamlining their distribution and marketing, or expanding their business with a single organisation covering our entire region of Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia.

Business units

Learn more about our Business Units:

  • Equity Pharmaceuticals is the prescription product division of Clinigen South Africa.

    Our core range of essential medicines is used to meet an ever-expanding mix of medical needs in a variety of therapeutic areas. Equity Pharmaceuticals currently has niche products in the following therapeutic areas: Gastroenterology, Substance, Abuse, Allergy, Cardiology, Anaphylaxis, Analgesia/Anesthesia, Anti-infective, Endocrinology, ENT, Intensive care, Metabolic disease, Neurology, Oncology, Orphan Drugs, Transplantation and Toxicology. Equity Pharmaceuticals supports Pharmacists and Physicians by sourcing and supplying Section 21 medicines both locally and internationally. We also specialize in products for the treatment of ulcerative colitis and for the symptomatic treatment of bowel spasms and bloating in irritable bowel syndrome as well as products assisting with the treatment of opiate narcotic addiction.

  • Equity Medical Technologies is a supplier of Advanced Wound Care products to the medical fraternity - which includes: Private Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Private Hospital Groups, Government Hospitals, Distributors and Pharmacies. Our specialised woundcare service provides Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to patients in need of active granulation in more severe wounds. EMT differentiates ourselves by providing our customers with superior service and building strong relationships with our Private Nurse Practitioners, Surgeons, Medical Aids and Hospital groups on a national level.

  • Learn more on the Clinigen Group website

  • Homemed is a high performance, quality diagnostics company with quality diagnostic tests and precision medical equipment, which are produced to exact standards in a CE and FDA – approved facility. Homemed is committed to supply innovative, premium products and dedicated after sales service to our clients, thereby adding value to their respectable business. At Homemed we are focused on providing fast, accurate and cost effective diagnostics and products for Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Drugs of Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Malaria, Medical Devices, Men's Health, Pregnancy and Syphilis.

    Visit the HomeMed website

  • Novagen Pharma, an independent privately owned pharmaceutical company based in Pretoria, was established in March 2009.The company markets a comprehensive range of generic antiretroviral and chronic products in the South African Pharmaceutical market. Novagen Pharma serves a target market of specialists, general practitioners and pharmacies through a national footprint of wholesalers.

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